QUICKEST Way to Cook Chicken (from frozen!)

Written by admin on April 15, 2008 – 5:21 pm -

So as you know I am all about shortcuts in the kitchen! One of the most annoying things to me that seems to always take longer than it should (besides waiting for water to boil) is cooking chicken from frozen. SO ANNOYING! For some reason, even when I’m doing my OCD meal planning, I just can not remember to defrost my chicken for recipes. I hate defrosting chicken in the microwave (takes too long, smells funny to me (is that weird?), and it doesn’t defrost it evenly so you’re forced to cut off the rubbery outside…know what I’m talking about??). So, I’m left with a whole bunch of ingredients for an amazing meal :) but NO CHICKEN! But, about a year ago my sister-in-law shared with me her trick for cooking chicken fast, and I haven’t been left chicken-less since. Here’s how it goes:

I take the chicken (only really works for boneless skinless) straight from the freezer, put it in a pan, and fill it with water to a little higher than halfway up the pieces of chicken. I crank it to high, and let the chicken simmer in the water for a few minutes. Once the chicken is thawed enough to cut, I cut it into bite-sized pieces, put it back in the simmering water (pour out a little of the water if needed), add a bunch of seasoning salt, and simmer it until it’s almost cooked through. Then I pour out all the water and let it cook for another minute or so until it’s cooked through and browned.

This whole process takes less than ten minutes from the time I pull the chicken out of the freezer until it’s completely cooked. I use this chicken in anything that I need cooked cubed chicken for…enchiladas, chicken tacos, Hawaiian haystacks, etc, etc…I’ve even served this on it’s own a few times as a quick meal with some rice-a-roni and a salad (drizzled it with barbecue sauce once, and once with teriyaki sauce, those were both really good). The thing I love about cooking my chicken this way (other than how unbelievably quick and easy it is) is that I have a tendency to overcook my chicken, leaving me with dry chicken, but cooking it in the water this way leaves me with moist tender chicken every time!

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3 Comments to “QUICKEST Way to Cook Chicken (from frozen!)”

  1. rachael Says:

    thanks for posting this. i googled “fast way to cook frozen chicken” and this came up. I’m now eating dinner and it only took 10 min and it’s great! can’t wait to start cooking this way ! thanks a ton :)

  2. Brittany Says:

    I used this method to make chicken tonight and it was so dry! Like beyond dry! :( What did I do wrong?!!? :( :(

  3. Brittany Says:

    This was definitely the first result in Google when you look up “fastest way to cook chicken” and it works! Thanks a ton. I just finished dinner and wouldn’t have been able to have it ready in time had it not been for your post.

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